Crape Myrtle Research

Gardening Season is finally here again!

We have four Crape Myrtles in our backyard that I am very carefully raising from saplings.  When I planted them, I visualized a formal party, around Christmas  time with clear white lights in them, kind of like how they light up Michigan Avenue in Chicago.  I am studying how to care for these trees quite a bit lately.

Crape Myrtle Culture

My wife’s idea of adding a gazebo will fit into the backyard  will fit in nicely with them.

Hannah and I are raising vegetables in backyard this year as well.  She’s just getting to the age now where she can start developing responsibilities.  Every afternoon, she comes home from preschool and checks her plants for water.  We are attempting to grow tomatoes, watermelon, zucchini, strawberries, and black beans this year.

All in all, we have a plan laid out for a productive spring and summer, one with less video games and more outdoors.

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