Mike & Ike Part 2

Okay, so I got busy and didn’t get to write a second post during the storm.  It all went pretty fast after the wall passed.  Unfortunately, the storm made a slight right turn and I didn’t get to experience the calm in the eye, but that may have been a plus.  Everyone who is acquainted with me would know that I would’ve been outside and scrambling for the door as the other side of the wall approached.   There are trees down all over, but through some miraculous blessing, we maintained power and water.  We were among the 4% in the area that did.  My wife’s mother and grandfather are still without power and we’ve been to their part of town twice, delivering ice, batteries and corded telephones.  With my last employer, I was constantly purchasing those ten dollar GE telephones from Walmart to test phone lines.  They have come in handy lately.  I cannot emphasize enough that people should not eliminate all the hardline phones in favor of cordless ones.  If you lose power, you are sunk without it.

The other erie thing we’ve experienced is the complete loss of the stoplight system in Houston.  They are one of those things you take for granted until they are not there.  HPD is too busy with other issues to be out directing traffic, but navigating a 16 lane intersection without any direction as a four-way stop is death defying right now.  Perhaps this could be a National Guard thing for future storms or maybe Civil Defense (not sure if Houston has this).

Well, I may have some time tomorrow to put up the video I promised.  There is much more to share, such as the tunnel that was formed by the lines and poles on West Houston Center Boulevard.  I will make a concious effort to get it up soon.

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