New Years Goals

One might ask why I refer to my resolutions for 2010 as goals instead. It’s simple, really. The more I think back to 2009 the more I realize that resolution isn’t the appropriate word for what I want to do. There is a process to meeting goals, resolutions are immediately assumed to fail. Resolution implies that what I want to do is reactionary and also that the first time I slip up, I might as well pack it up. So, with that said, here is my list of the things I want to reach for this year:

  • LESS FACEBOOK –  Social networking has gotten ugly.  It is a good tool, but not an art.  There is nothing artistic about “Liking” everything I see, getting nagged to take care of my fake fish, and finding out which president my personality most closely matches.  I enjoy connecting with people, but Dailybooth is more fun in that regard: Add a daily photo, any photo, and people comment and interpret it.  It is so much more interesting.  Not sure if I will ever really delete my account with FB, but it is certainly getting less of my attention in 2010.
  • MORE WEBSITE – I need to add more content to my sites.  2009 was the year of digging down into the nitty-gritty of WordPress, messing with constant upgrades and doing SysAdmin and Developer stuff.  This year, I am going to blog more and have fun with it. is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites to work with and I want to start hammering out a lot of content.  The idea is simple.  I am going to start offering a place for authors, artists, and musicians to post one-off content and I am considering interviewing in the future.  Kind of think of it as an online art magazine that never claims to be.
  • GO CORP – The romanticism of being a part of a fledgling company that stands against all odds has kind of taken a back seat with me of late.  I am going to focus on practicality in job offers this year and not delusions of grandeur in regards to being the next big thing.  No companies that are buyout-bait or refer to their service options as “solutions” to add marketing value need apply.  I’m ready for something real that clients really want.

These are the things I am going to work on.  2009 is done and gone.  Time for a new decade and a new year.  Wish me luck!

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