It’s DR time!!!

With the hurricane season at it’s peak, I’ve decided to include a section focused on DR.  I hope to add links to sites detailing weather and EOC information for the United States.  If anyone elsewhere would like to contribute, please email me at <mike at itadmins dot org>. I’d also like to add sections convering […]

Wake up call for Mozilla

Today, Google relased Chrome Beta, an open source web browser based on Firefox and Webkit.  I am currently writing this post from Chrome.  The biggest benefit I see to Google’s method of writing this program is the intense resource management.  If one tab locks up, the others are fine.  From a technical perspective, this is […]

Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide

As a System Administrator, I am constantly looking for the ultimate commands to make my job easier.  Moving files around, renaming files for archival purposes, downloading updates, and building reports are a lot easier with scripting.  This is another document for the reference library, folks.

Take that, Comcast

Score one for the consumer.  The head of the FCC has recently announced that they are proceeding with charges against Comcast for traffic shaping, or selectively slowing down and blocking specific protocols on their internet service.
I haven’t been a very big advocate of bitorrent, but this will also prevent ISPs from messing with services such […]

Primative Usability Tests

As a contribution to the community, I am performing a crude usability test.  For years, bookstores have been selling thousands of self-help teach yourself office application books.  My curiosity focused on a book that my wife recently finished.  I have in front of me an Excel 2003 book and over the next few months, I […]

SSL in Firefox 3

To my dismay today, I ran into a problem with Firefox 3 Beta 5 on Hardy Heron.  Apparently, Mozilla has decided to put the screws to people who sign their own certificates or use certs not issued by their own domain by creating a four step process to bypass the error message.  Here is an […]

Making Thunderbird Open Hyperlinks in Firefox on Ubuntu

This one was driving me nuts and I finally found a solution. For several weeks, Thunderbird has not been opening links I click on them. I found a solution here:

Open Thunderbird version
Go to the Edit menu
Click on Preferences
Click the Advanced tab
Click the Config Editor button.
An about:config window will open up.
In the Filter […]