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Whether you love this kind of music or not, you’ve gotta be impressed with how close Scion is to the third rail in social media. If only GM would go out on a limb like this, they might make a turnaround.

Scion Metal Show Presents: Municipal Waste & Trap Them from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

SCION and VICE present:




Wednesday, June 10, 2009

7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

8PM – 11PM (All Ages)

The event is FREE WITH RSVP at

RSVP is strictly required. Early arrival is suggested as space is limited. Entry is not guaranteed. Line up subject to change.

Home Theater 1.0

hometheaterds I’ve added yet another ongoing project to my long list. I have been debating the idea of incorporating a computer into my “Home Theater” setup for a while now. I decided to tear down my office and grab the GQ desktop that has been running for no reason and take the plunge into setting up a home media server. The first step is out of the way, getting the thing hooked up to the TV. Initially, I was piping the audio through the TV, but that wasn’t cutting it for music. The Creative Labs Dolby 2.1 PC speakers came into the mix this morning. I will get a proper surround sound system when I can, but for the time being, this will do. Enigma sounds a lot deeper than through the TV.  I am happy to say that I can now blog through the TV! ( I am such a geek!).
Anyway, I will add improvements as I go. That usually is the best way to go for me, get the basics installed then improve over time. I really need to start pricing some better hardware, but with the economy the way it is, I want to do that slowly. For now, I get to play with Ubuntu on a 27inch screen and test things. I’m leaning towards MythTV as an interface, but XBMC and Boxee might be worth the memory upgrade someday.

xB Anecdotes

I was filling up my car yesterday when a woman approached me. “Excuse me, sir” Okay, locked the keys in the car, asking for directions, needs a jump (which oddly enough doesn’t happen too much in Texas)… “Do you like your car? The xB, I mean. I’ve been thinking about getting one.” For the first time in my life, I am not driving some second-hand beater. “I do, it only took me 3 fillups to get to Chicago last time.” “Wow, I’m from Chicago, too.” “Cool” “well, thank you…” “Thank you” End of story. I know, lame little story. Know what though? I’m not usually approachable, or maybe I just thought I wasn’t. I love my Scion. It’s fun to drive and to be honest, I like the fact that it’s ugly. Ugly means character in these days of bland SUVs and compact cars.