SourceTransmission ( is an experiment in the creation and distribution of digital media.  We would like to invite anyone interested in sharing their content to send requests to  If you are an artist, author, blogger, podcaster, or just someone with a shining idea, please let us know.  We would like to feature you!

IT Admins was a security group on a domain controller at one of my old jobs. The people in that group shared a lot of information with each other. After two major acquisitions, the group is just a memory, but I’m going to maintain this site in the spirit of what used to be the IT Admins group.

Mobile vehicle technology has specific system requirements, its own set of developing regulations, and  is growing in popularity by the second.  From communication to entertainment to navigation, has you covered.  Please join us as we explore this emerging niche.

“Disruptive technology” is pretty much everything that challenges the status quo in its category.  The Google Search Engine is a good example. Warning: this will involve a large quantity of “inside baseball” if it achieves what I want it to.

The Dutch word for structure,  this is my cloud server on the web.  Not sure if this will ever be a commercial endeavor, but I do have encryption setup.