xB Anecdotes

I was filling up my car yesterday when a woman approached me. “Excuse me, sir” Okay, locked the keys in the car, asking for directions, needs a jump (which oddly enough doesn’t happen too much in Texas)… “Do you like your car? The xB, I mean. I’ve been thinking about getting one.” For the first time in my life, I am not driving some second-hand beater. “I do, it only took me 3 fillups to get to Chicago last time.” “Wow, I’m from Chicago, too.” “Cool” “well, thank you…” “Thank you” End of story. I know, lame little story. Know what though? I’m not usually approachable, or maybe I just thought I wasn’t. I love my Scion. It’s fun to drive and to be honest, I like the fact that it’s ugly. Ugly means character in these days of bland SUVs and compact cars.